Monthly Archives: April 2021

EL-CON has moved digitally and physically

Powergrid Solutions B.V. (EL-CON) has moved to a new address on 1-1-2021: Farrier 3, 2292 JJ Wateringen (ZH) As part of our continuous search for further professionalization and improvement of our products and services, we have further strengthened our production and moved our organization. With this change in our structure, we are ready for great […]

EL-CON Powergrid Solutions introduces Hyundai Electric products in 2021.

More and more vessels, built in Asia, are calling at our ports. Also here in Europe these vessels need maintenance and spare parts. EL-CON wants to be able to serve this branch of industry better. With our accumulated knowledge and experience, we know that specific switching devices cannot easily be exchanged for alternatives from other […]