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For the electrical low-voltage panel construction industry (distribution boxes, emergency power supplies, drives, etc.) EL-CON Powergrid Solutions B.V. a wide range of switches and accessories from the manufacturer Mitsubishi Electric. With our knowledge and experience, we think along with the customer and can deliver our custom-made switches in a short time, assembled, tested and certified as required. our mission. Your success is our goal

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EL-CON Powergrid offers appropriate solutions in consultation with our customer. We can assemble and adapt switches and connection materials (copper work, functional requirements that the switches must meet) to provide fast service.


We manufacture components to supplement or modify systems to enable usability and functionality of the switches.


Switches can be assembled for you as desired. We have qualified personnel trained by Mitsubishi Electric.


We have the latest measuring and calibration equipment to provide switches with certificates, accepted in the industry and maritime sector.


We can assemble, test and commission the switches on location as required

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Mitsubishi LVS Breakers
Anthony Vierdag
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High Voltage, projects & manufacturing
Jaap Kouwenhoven
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Technical Director
Jaap Kouwenhoven
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Paco Coenen

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José van der Burg

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