EL-CON, or Powergrid Solutions B.V. has been a specialist in the manufacture and supply of electrical connections for more than 50 years. EL-CON, located in Wateringen, has developed from a trading company into an important player in the supply of complete, ready-to-assemble systems and components for high-voltage installations, power distribution systems and industry.

EL-CON is an important supplier of prefab aluminum HS busbar systems, pre-machined ready-to-assemble copper work and custom-made flexible connections.

In-house production is therefore a very important part of our turnover. As far as the commercial side of the company is concerned, EL-CON has specialized more and more in recent years in the supply of unique, certified products for the railways, among others. In addition to qualified personnel, EL-CON has EHRT CNC machines for fast and accurate punching and bending of copper and aluminium for all kinds of applications.

EL-CON also supplies medium voltage materials from its own stock and assembles them according to the customer’s needs. We also supply the industry in the Netherlands with end closures, sleeves and anchor closures.

In recent years we have focused more and more on those areas in which we think we can excel, namely in manufacturing electrical connections for high, medium and low voltage and supplying the associated products.

EL-CON Vision & Mission

Our Vision

EL-CON is a special company with great unburdening capacity for professional electrical engineering.
By devising smart solutions and manufacturing the right products in-house, EL-CON takes work off the hands of clients, allowing them to focus on their core business. With a proactive attitude both outwards and inwards, EL-CON always strives for the best solution.
“ Techniques make it possible, our people make it happen”

Our Mission

EL ‐ CON designs, produces and supplies electrical connections for high, medium and low voltage installations and bundles those activities in one company. EL-CON is known as the Knowledge Supplier. Unlike the trading companies, EL-CON designs and manufactures connections in its own workshop. This ensures control over your own process and constant improvement. For a good connection you have to go to EL-CON: “The Perfect Connection”