High Voltage

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Years of experience and a complete package of components have made EL-CON the specialist in high-voltage connections. We are happy to advise you thoroughly on which components you can best apply in which situation and in which way. In this way we arrive at the most efficient and economical solution for your situation. EL-CON often has a solution for situations in energy supplies that cannot be solved as standard. Our engineers have extensive experience in advising on the suspension and tensioning of overhead line and high voltage systems and the design of substations and switch gardens.

Line material

A complete program of the most diverse components for suspending, tensioning, supporting and connecting conductors in high-voltage lines is available to you.We also have an extensive range of line products: suspension and tension clamps, static spacers, damping spacers, vibration dampers, bird repellent coils, protection and repair coils, etc.

Distribution stations

For distribution stations we can offer you a complete range of aluminium or bronze station terminals and fixtures for pipe and cable application, flexible connections, connection terminals for transformers, power switches and disconnectors.Of course we also supply the necessary aluminium conductors and busbars.

Our own manufacturing

In addition to supplying materials and giving solid advice for a reliable and sustainable solution, we also take care of the production in-house. For example, special aluminum or copper busbar systems for switchgear, transformer connections, 150 or 380 kV busbar systems, fully custom-made.If necessary, we can supply these “turn key”, ie including design, clamps, rail supports, mounting material and flexible connections.The required welding work in our workshop – or possibly on the construction site – is done by our own welders who are certified in accordance with Tennet’s requirements.

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