EL-CON has moved digitally and physically

Powergrid Solutions B.V. (EL-CON) has moved to a new address on 1-1-2021:

Farrier 3, 2292 JJ Wateringen (ZH)

As part of our continuous search for further professionalization and improvement of our products and services, we have further strengthened our production and moved our organization. With this change in our structure, we are ready for great steps into the future.

With the growth of our turnover in copper rail systems for panel construction and energy distribution, we have decided to find synergy with a small dedicated machine factory that now enables us to perform punching, bending, setting, water cutting, laser cutting and milling work under one roof. Our own operator has “moved” along with the punching machine and bending machine, which guarantees quality and service.

We will take care of the delivery, assembly, certification and maintenance of the Mitsubishi and Hyundai Molded Case Breakers from our new address in Wateringen. We have just started using our new test unit, so that we can measure and test the entire breaker with one test device. We have set up a separate workshop for these activities with an adjoining warehouse where we keep the most common breakers in stock.

We will of course continue to manufacture flexible connections, detection loops, plastic cable blocks and the like. For this we have set up a workshop in Wateringen with all the necessary machines.

The sanding and greasing of the high voltage terminals and the manufacture of straight and welded busbars, according to our “easy Montage” concept and the rewinding of conductors, we carry out partly in Wateringen and partly in a manufacturing hall in The Hague, a 10-minute drive from our new accommodation.

We believe that with the above partnerships and relocation we can serve our customers even better with our products, knowledge and training.

To support further development, the new website has also gone live since 3 March. Because we have now also made most of our products available digitally, it is easier to search and submit an application to us. We are proud of the result and curious what you think of it.

You can reach us via the same telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Below the general data:

Phone            +31 (0)174 286 900
E-mail              sales@el-con.nl

We wish you and your employees health and wish that our pleasant relationship will continue in the coming years.


On behalf of employees and management,

Jaap Kouwenhoven

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