NF125-SGV 3P 35-50A Circuit breaker 3pole. Ir = 35 – 50A; Icu = Ics = 36kA at AC 440V

Molded-case circuit breakers are utilized to open/close low-voltage circuits and protect wiring by automatically closing circuits when overloading or short-circuiting occurs.
Mitsubishi Electric is pioneering a new future for circuit breakers, working to realize market globalization by respond ing to international needs with products that offer enhanced ease of operation, high performance, and complying with various standards such as JIS, IEC, EN, GB, UL/CSA standards.
With its innovative breaking technology all Mitsubishi Electric breakers offer greater safety and even faster circuit breaking speed through the use of the latest switch-off technology and innovative engineering, with an innovative electronic trip relay.

Higher performance
The advanced technology of the WS series is based on a proven Mitsubishi Electric patent, and in consideration of the layout of the current leads provides excellent opening cycles of the main conductors.
The new circuit breaking technology ?Expanded ISTAC? upgrades current lim iting performance for a higher breaking capacity. With higher breaking capacity, lower class models can be used, thus leading to cost reduction of switch panels and machines.
Extending the conductor (reaction cir cuit for movable conductor) beneath the fixed conductor makes the movable conductor open faster than the conventional ISTAC mechanism. This significantly improves the current limiting performance and reduces the maximum peak current by 10 %.

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