MD-AD250-W Motor charging device; AC/DC 200 – 250V

In addition to manual operation, the closing spring can be charged automatically by an electric motor every time the breaker is closed (ON charging method).
If the closing spring is to be charged automati cally whenever the breaker is opened, then this can be done through an additional auxiliary contact (AXb) (OFF charging method). As soon as charging is completed, a visual display on the front says ?CHARGED?.
The ?CHARGED? signal is also available via the 413 (TS+) and 414 (TS-) terminals (included in the standard MD configuration).
There is always the option of manual operation in an emergency. A closing coil (CC) is required for closing the breaker by remote control, and a shunt trip device (SHT) is required for opening it in this way.
This warrants the prevention of pumping, both electronically and mechanically. The circuit of the motor is separate from the ON/OFF circuit (CC, SHT).

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